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Many people have a very narrow view of balloon arches. For them, balloon arches look like this:

OMG, that people are still living in the 19th century. Please stop using those balloon artists (and honestly, I know some of them in Miami), throw away their business cards and unfollow them in Instagram and FB. Because this is NOT a BALLOON ARCH, it's pure shame. I always say that balloons are super versatile and the sky is the limit with balloon decor, but when I look at these arches I want to cry.

A full organic balloon arch is made with different sized balloons on a stable base:

It's better not to use more than three main colors here (except rainbow arches) plus silver, gold balloons or clear balloons with silver or gold confetti. Fresh or silk flowers are a hit as well.

An L-shaped organic arch is on a stable base from one side only. So sometimes the other side should be fixed to something but not necessary. Just remember to not make the horizontal part too long!

If you would like to use a backdrop, an organic balloon garland can be fixed to it.

Staircases are great for organic balloon garlands as well.

Or just plain walls.

So don't be fooled by MEDIOCRE design and choose only the BEST!

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