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Last minute first birthday

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

6:35 am Friday. Call from Mrs. C (I am not surprised at all. She is very spontaneous).

"Olga, we are not making the voyage (OMG sounds like Fancy Nancy). I decided to celebrate M's first birthday here. And I definitely want balloons."

"Great. When?"

"Everything must be ready tomorrow 12 pm. The party will start at 5." (Yes, yes I know she just wants to be 600% sure that everything is ready by the time her celebrity guests arrive).

Mrs. C is one of my regular clients. She is an extravagant woman (I put her under DIVA C in my cell) with everything sorted in her life. I guess she is in her late thirties (but who knows these days with coolsculpting, fillers, lasers and bla bla) and her current husband is third in an endless row. I have been decorating her parties for the second year (keeping in mind her four kids, two wedding anniversaries and some impulsive events like GREAT P's GRADUATION FROM GRADE 2 in July) and still not sure how many houses they have in the richest areas of Miami. Mr. C is a well-known lawyer with a reputable business and a passion for capricious women.

"What do you keep in mind?" I asked being sure that the answer will be -something impressive.

"Something impressive."(BINGO).

"What do you think about big rainbow organic arch?"

"No, you made it for Angelique last month."

"It wasn't rainbow, it was burgundy and pink and you said you liked it," I objected. By the way Angelique is Mrs. C's close friend (if friendships between women exist).

"That's why I don't want it. She will think I copy her. That Vercace bathrobe story is enough." (REALLY Vercace bathrobe? Who needs a three digit price bathrobe in Miami? I have no idea about the story but I don't question).

"Of course, I understand. Then we can make an L-shaped organic garland in shades of blue, and touch of white and silver. You can use your exquisite stands from India." She bought 3 stands in India last summer and now we have to incorporate that rubbish (I see better thrown away items by the road in Downtown every day) because it cost her "nearly" a fortune.

"Maybe not an L-shape but a C-shape?"

"Then it's better to put the garland on a round stand."

"Show me how it will look like."

I texted her a photo.

"No it's too circular. So childish. I would rather make an L-shape." And we are talking about FIRST birthday. She didn't thought so when we made Cars decor for thirteen's birthday of M.

"Ok. How do you find a balloon decorated candy cart for a cake and sweets?" Or just a cake, as I remember the size of the cake she bought last time. I am not sure that our solid wood candy cart will be sturdy enough.

"Like it. But it will be for Champaign. Cake will be on a separate table."

Sigh of relief.

"And I like big helium balloons on kid's tables. Like you made for Emily's birthday. I will need 6 big tables to be decorated."

No, no, no. I don't think it's a good idea to put helium balloons on tables for infants and babies. In fact Emily was turning 18 and for their age the more noise the better. They even used the balloons to inhale helium for funny voices. I have to offer something else.

"Maybe big helium balloons with tassels on weights. They are movable and great for photo shoots." I quickly sent her a photo of the idea.

"Yes. I like it. I will take twenty of them."

Oh-no I have to call John immediately to order more helium. I have to be quick because John is drinking beer with his friends from 2 pm every Friday and there is no way I can persuade him to go back to the warehouse.

"And I want a hot air balloon as well. With a basket where I can put M for photos. I saw something like this in VOGUE."

One more night without a sleep but I love my clients and I am happy to like what I do and do what I like.

"Sure. Will do my best as usual."

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